if you have to understand the Universe

past is the prolog(ue) to the future

"PROLOG" was written in three volumes. The first one interprets the Universe history finding inspiration in the string theory. The model presented here by the author is based on numerous works of many contemporary researches; the complete list to be found by the reader in the bibliography. Undoubtedly, this is the most difficult part of "PROLOG" due to the incompatibility between our experience and the quantum spaces of the micro-world. For the purpose of this interpretation, the author accepted the brane structure of the Higgs field which provides the matter with mass. The idea of the brane field is also linked to the concept of time and gravity. Gravitation which is the only force not unified with other forces of the Standard Model, so called “matter forces”.  Under these assumptions, the Universe history becomes the history of the primeval energy scatter across the brane field as a result of the explosion and evolving on its way to the consecutive forms of matter. The prerogatives of this evolution are defined by the features of the brane field on one side, and by the creative potential of the matter and their forces on the other.

We shall discuss the dimensionality of the elementary particles and how they join together to create a nucleus, and then how atoms are being constructed of nuclei. Then we shall become interested in stars and galaxies - the societies of atoms gathered by the gravitation of the brane field.

While following the narration, however, we shall find - somewhere in the big picture of the evolution, in one of galaxies - a peripheral planetary system; there, on one of its planets, some advanced chemical carbon compounds had been developed over the period of billion years.  The history of amino acids which helped to produce proteins; and than cooperated with nucleic acids in order to create a repetitive biological cell, and finally, the development of multicellular organisms. What a fascinating account! It is so intiguing that we shall devote quite a significant amount of our time to study it!

In the case of multicellular organisms, we shall pay a particular attention to the development of their control systems. Having reached the moment in which the human brain comes into being, we shall ponder how the mind functions, and what makes it so specific. For a short while then, we shall make an attempt to understand ourselves, although all the time concentrating mainly on the pursuit to understand others.

Such an attitude results from the fact that the Cosmos history is based on the histories of societies rather than on the tale of individual elementary particles, lonely atoms or single amino-acid or protein threads. Therefore, the chapters to fallow shall concentrate on the societies of human minds. Their evolution - staged from the cosmic dust of nomadic groups, through brown dwarfs of villages, stable long-lasting yellow dwarfs of towns, to the galaxies of star-like metropolises - bears much resemblance  to the evolution of the immense Cosmos, the evolution dictated by the gravity.

While concentrating on the social development, one shall not overlook the importance of the  forces connected with matter itself.  Let alone taking into account love, which similarly to the strong atomic force, joins the atomic tissue of a families in each historic epoch, and in every single corner of our globe; or the human ideas, which similarly to the electromagnetic activity of chemical compounds, organize the social tissue with the help of enzymes of different institutions.

We shall also observe how the mutual relations between gravity and the forces of matter, operating on the level of human societies, lead to the formation - sometime between the sixth and fourth millennium -  of the immense galaxies of human minds in the four distant locations. This was observed first on the Nile, then on the Tigris and the Euphrates, and finally on the Indus and the Yellow River. We shall see that in all these places, the material nature of the process which led to the creation of stars and galaxies looked practically identically; the differences lying only in the specificity of the local space-time continuum. But the variety - this fundamental mechanism of the evolution - was being introduced on the level of galactic ideas, commonly accepted by the minds of the specific constellations. While describing the first large civilisations created by the above-mentioned four galaxies of the human cities, we shall concentrate on the characteristic features of their ideas.

In the case of the Nile constellation, we shall analyse the idea of faith, since the Egyptians, who were enclosed in a quite isolated galaxy, had devoted a significant amount of effort while setting standards for the construction of religious institutions.

The history of the open galaxy of Mesopotamia, surrounded by fertile spaces  generating the nomadic dust of human minds, had formed the basis for the study on the authoritarian, gravitational power. Gaining and holding to this power was the main dream for the more active minds inhabiting the Land of Rivers.

While visiting the Indus and the Ganges  galaxy, we shall have a close look at the ideas focusing on understanding the Universe in the perfect reunification of the individual mind and the space-time absolute.

And finally, we shall visit China where its pragmatic inhabitants had focused rather on a precise description of the reality. Most probably, they had not focused on understanding, but only on describing it; however, this turned out to be quite a successful method of organizing some societies which were functionally stable.

The first volume of "PROLOG" will be completed with the analysis of the ideas represented by primary human civilizations, in order to deal in the second volume with democracy and philosophy. These more recent concepts came into being within the Mediterranean Sea basin.  Its shores had become a scene for the creation of urban planets which are more advanced in terms of organization than the stars of metropolises from Egypt or Mesopotamia gathered by the dominion of gravity.  As in the time of the Precambrian, the sea shores became a laboratory workbench for the production of complex chemical compounds, i.e. amino acids and proteins, the warm Mediterranean shores formed - a few centuries before the Common Era - a retort for the distillation of democratic concepts facilitating the organization of societies and leading to the knowledge-based understanding of the Universe. We shall have a close look at the birth, development, as well as at the downfall of the first democratic societies; while doing so, we shall also ponder upon some traps related to scaling up of democracy, the traps into which some beautiful Greek or Roman projects fell. And finally, we shall notice how democrats adored philosophy, despite the fact that it had little influence on unprepared minds. 

The third volume of “PROLOG” will scrutinise the evolution of ideas which were born some hundreds of years before the Common Era, somewhere in Babylon. The imitative derivatives of these ideas overshadowed, with the shadow of  the dark ages, the falling democracy and its sister - philosophy; these derivatives then endured in modified versions until the contemporary times and have dominated the minds of the globe structuring the reality of the world of ideas. We shall complete our journey along the paths of "PROLOG" by emerging in the turbulent period of the present times.

Dear Reader! I do tempt you to undertake yet another journey of your lifetime. If you persevere, we shall undertake this journey together within the extensive Universe of your Mind. I do hope that the thought which you will find in this short guidebook, will inspire you to continue this praiseworthy endeavour of the human desire to discover the meaning of our existence. In this journey, we shall utilize the achievements of sciences. We shall not reject, however, the achievements of philosophy too. By experimenting with language, we shall assign new meanings to conventional ideas. And although "PROLOG" as a whole consists of the ideas created by billions of minds over the millennia of their existence, we are defining our own path of understanding by rummaging in the dense and humid jungle of thought.

Dear Friend! Please, do find in your voluminous mind a tiny space which is not overloaded with the galleries of local heroes. Just for a short while, dispatch yourself from religious doctrines and political orientations which constitute your Universe.  Free your mind from the realities that surround you. Push aside any biological emotions. Let them not disturb the tranquillity of your thought with their poisonous chemistry. Try to find this prime purity of the multidimensional space of your mind.

Free your mind! Do not be afraid!